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Monday, May 02, 2005

Why are Most Christians Conservative?

Jesus believed in stopping violence and the rich giving to the poor, so why do Christians normally align themselves with conservatives? There are three main reasons that Christians are conservative. One is that those who want to force and coerse the wealthy into giving to the poor (the left) in their specific way, also promote the "Culture of Death", try to erode Christian values and spew hate language about Christianity. Secondly, those who persecute Christians have aligned themselves with big Government against the freedom to worship of the individual. Third, eliminating business consolidates more power in fewer hands, which enemies of Christ can use to persecute people of faith. These three are only theory, but the left has a history of oppression and outright violence against people of strong religious beliefs.

I believe it's the full comprehensive value system ("moral values") that comes with the Secular Humanization (secularization) of the left, that I mentioned in my post "The Rise of the Godless Religion", which forced the Christians to align with the Right Wing. The liberal mainstream chose the Secular Humanist value system over the Christian value system. By default the Christians aligned with the right, because the left abandoned them (yes abortion -taking of innocent life- is a part of this value system, but it's much more comprehensive than a single issue - although that's a big one).

One major policy issue that causes Christians to be more right wing prone is the alliance between leftists, Communism and atheism. The Secularist left's fondness for the Christian-slaughtering former USSR and Communist China does not help warm relations between the left and the Christian Community. Not to mention that the US left unleashed the power of the US military on it's own people to assault a religious minority (in Waco) - (not that the assaulted sect was good, but the United States secularist left unleashed the military on a religious group).

When organizations gain power, some members of that organization may choose to misuse power that has been granted to them. It's true for Governments, Politicians, Corporations, Charity Foundations, Humanitarian Groups... Whatever. That's part of the reason I'm pro-Capitalist (aside from Communist's and the Euro-lefts socialist anti-Christian policies). I prefer to have the power split between private industry and government, as opposed to the power completely consolidated in government bureaucracy. Shutting down private business consolidates more power in fewer places (increasing the power of Government) increasing the potential for misuse (besides I'd rather have the greedy-power hungry people in the world trying to make me fat by selling me fries, then by misusing Government power to oppress/persecute people).

Any powerful organization will drive the power-hungry people towards it. This is also a concern about Atheistic-Communism. This is where the state (USSR/Communist China) plays god, all other religions besides Atheism (Secular Humanism), are removed and people have no private industry. The Government has absolute power. And as Lord Acton and my Social Studies teacher always said "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Atheistic-Communism removes all other possible sources of influence beside the Government... this only encourages corruption and oppression. The evidence of the atrocities of atheism is apparent. In my previous post "Atheism Is It Bad for America?" I stated, "Atheism is an extremely war-mongering bloodthirsty religion. Marxist-Atheism says that killing is inevitable when the workers rise up (legitimizing murder as a necessary part of evolution). Stalinist-Atheism is extremely murder-happy; anyone who disagrees with the State on any policy (doctrine) must be killed. Chinese Atheism slaughters Christians and Members of Falun Gong regularly. The religious persecution of Atheists against all other religions around the world, is wrong". There was an atrocity in the US of Human Secularists in the Government (Atheist-light) against religious minorities that concerns me... Waco. Even here in the United States Atheist allies (Human Secularist Extremists) were able to hunt down and annihilate a religious minority.

The reason I find the Human Secularist Extremists concerning is that as a small group they have been able to suppress/discriminate against Christianity. If they do take over the culture to be the majority religion... they could be even more oppressive with more people behind them. So it seems that this small but increasing group of extremists have been encroaching on Christian's first amendment rights and the more power they get... Admittedly concerns me. The Bolsheviks were extremely violent, but many people thought if they were just given the power they wanted, if they were appeased, then they wouldn't need to be violent. Well, I'm sure you know that once those Secular Humanist extremists took power, soon after began the Reign of Terror (and as it's name implies... it wasn't very nice).

I believe that our Government is a Republic, and not a direct democracy for a reason. There are some things that a government must do for the good of the people, in spite of a desire of the people to do things to hurt themselves. I suppose on some topics I am for our government reflecting our societies values and some topics I am against it. There are some communities that have become dependent on Government welfare, so much so that it is a dis-incentive for them to get a job in private industry to provide for themselves. This phenomenon has hurt some communities, but people living there will continue to vote for getting these funds at their communities own personal detriment. There is some element where personal responsibility comes in however and the Government doesn't need to make every decision for us. I don't think the government should legislate what people eat or how often people should eat certain foods, but some Americans diets are killing themselves. On the other hand, there are some values that the Government has the responsibility to be a good parent of the people and tell them no to policies which are not in their long term benefit (like the abolition of slavery in the pro-slave South).

I suppose I wouldn't be so concerned about the Secular Humanists if the Government was an arbitrator between the Secular Humanism and Christianity. Or if the battle for the moral values of government was an even playing field. But our government has been consistently favoring the Human Secularist extremist agenda. I'm concerned about those extremists agenda BECAUSE our Government is partial to them. It seems the people voted in the last election to try to fix this disparity between the will of the people and a zealous religious group's (Secular Humanist extremists) favored position. I guess I'm not as annoyed at the Government for it's favoritism, because coming from a Blue-State, I guess I just expect it. I do what I can to vote for the protection of Religious Freedom (it looks like it worked this time, in this election, but we'll see).

Don't get me wrong. I don't believe we should have mandatory prayer in School, but I'm against suppressing the Freedom of Religion to pray in School. I agree that forcing students to "pray" to "God" is discriminatory against Atheists, not to mention potentially confusing to Agnostics :) I don't believe that "prayer or silent meditation" is establishing a religion of the State... that's ridiculous. I don't believe that "prayer or silent meditation" in School is discriminatory against Atheists. Meditation is not pro-anything (not even religion); it's just pondering. I don't believe that offering an optional class about multiple religions (which were Roman Catholic, Protestant and Jewish) is establishing a State religion (which is what was argued in McCollum v. Board of Ed) I don't believe that a Bible Study holding a meeting in a Public building is an establishment of state religion (New York State tried to say it was in Good News Club vs. Milford). I don't believe that religious clubs should be discriminated against and singled out, because it violates our Freedom to express (also freedom of speech) Religious views. If there's a diving club class at a public school, that doesn't establish divers as a THE water affiliated activity and discriminate against water polo enthusiasts, even if the majority of the people in town do dive. If there are salsa lessons at a court-house after hours it doesn't mean the State is anti-waltz. The State allowing a group to meet there, shows at least some tolerance to the dance of salsa, it does not establish it as the "Dance of the State". Yet this is the type of argument the Secular Humanist extremists use to treat other religions with a discriminatory manner.


At 9:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, there is such thing as a Christian Liberal? I am one.

At 1:08 AM, Blogger FreedomDefender said...

Yes, I know... I have multiple Christian Liberal friends. Do you feel that the Conservative Christians that you know are Conservative for other reasons or do you only associate with Liberal Christians?


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