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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Public School Religion (Secular Humanism)

Secular Humanism has created an establishment of Religion in our Public Schools. Who are they? And What do they believe?

Their affirmations (they don't like to call them beliefs) are listed online, here. The history of the establishment of their religion (although they like to say that they are not a religion) is on a "religious movements" website here. Not all of their beliefs are in opposition to Christianity, but many of their followers are opposed to Christianity. In fact, some of the beliefs come from Christianity (which is mentioned in the history of Secular Humanism).

I'm sure like many of the complaints people have against Christianity... I'm not opposed to Secular Humanism... just some of their followers and what they do with their religion (their "affirmations"). I mean overall it sounds very nice.

The problem with teaching sex education and evolution is that you teach morals when you teach those subjects. When you teach certain morals and exclude other morals ("religious" morals vs. religious-movement morals) you are declaring your morals superior and establishing a set of beliefs ("affirmations") by the State (Secular Humanism) and forcing other beliefs (so called "religious" beliefs) out. It's complicated to explain this because Secular Humanism uses the spin that they are not a religion to create a religious monopoly in the school system.

What I'm opposed to is forcing one religion's (or religious movement's) beliefs (affirmations) on everyone. I believe this is creating a State approved religion. The State says that these are the morals which will be taught and all other morals are banned.

This isn't exactly about sex education, but that's an example of Secular Humanist morals that are pushed in a classrom and that's easiest to point out. English class is a huge example of pushing Secular Humanist propaganda books as the reading curriculum in class. The books that are chosen to be read in class all promote morals... Secular Humanistic morals. The Secular Humanists claim that they are not a religion allows them to force other religious morals (besides theirs) out of the classroom thereby infusing their "affirmations" on the masses (especially the poor) without the pluralistic view (ironically against one of their own affirmations, but as long as their in charge it's ok).

This is establishing a State Religion in the classroom and oppressing other "affirmations" (religions). Secular Humanists should get their religion out of the classroom. If they are not willing to get their religion out of schools, at least allow the Freedom of Religion in the classroom and stop oppressing others.


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