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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Is Atheism Bad for America?

I certainly do think it's scary that the Constitution has been violated and ignored with regards to our freedoms. I've found the 80's, 90's & beginning of the millennium’s erosion of the 1st amendment ("freedom of religion") by the Judicial branch of the Government very scary. In these decades Secular Humanism and Atheism forced other religions out of schools, creating a state religion of Secular Humanism/Atheism in schools and forcing all other religions out. Saying a prayer during graduation was declared illegal, even if students voted that they wanted a prayer during graduation, it was illegal (which is totally undemocratic, not to mention a violation for the freedoms of speech and religion). Even student led prayers during a football game at a school were declared illegal. Even having a "moment of silence or voluntary prayer" was declared illegal. Secular Humanism joined with the State to eradicate all other religions from schools besides Secular Humanism (or Atheism) (Prayers could have been Muslim, Christian, Hindu, pagan, whatever, but all other religions were kicked out of schools besides the alliance of Secular Humanism and Atheism).

Not only was Atheism and Secular Humanism making it illegal for all other religions to practice their faith in schools, but under Janet Reno (and Clinton's approval) the FBI was used and tanks were deployed in the streets against American citizens inside our country who were in a small religious minority (and not part of the Atheist/Secular Humanist religion). The problem is that no one really knows what happened there in Waco. People know that the FBI and the Justice Department (Janet Reno) screwed up (or planned to annihilate these non-Atheists/non-Secular Humanists) . It certainly made me think we were in the End Times when the Government (Justice Department) sent tanks in the streets to hunt down a religion (which was different than the State religion of Secular Humanism and Atheism) just because the State says their religion is dangerous. The Clinton administration (predominantly Reno) set the precedent to use military force against US citizens that have a religion that the State (or State religion - Secular Humanism or Atheism) says is "dangerous". What's further troubling is that no one has been held accountable for the atrocities of Waco, making it even more suspicious.

Some blame theism or a belief in God for many wars and deaths throughout history. There have been millions of deaths for Atheism (the State is God) since the beginning of the 20th Century. This has helped Russia win many Wars since it turned Communist. Russia's State religion of telling their masses that the State is god (their people must sacrifice all of themselves for the State) has helped them through many Wars.

Atheism is an extremely war-mongering bloodthirsty religion. Marxist-Atheism says that killing is inevitable when the workers rise up (legitimizing murder as a necessary part of evolution). Stalinist-Atheism is extremely murder-happy; anyone who disagrees with the State on any policy (doctrine) must be killed. Chinesse Atheism slaughters Christians and Members of Falun Gong regularly. The religious persecution of Atheists against all other religions around the world, is wrong. I pray that Atheism does not politically take over the US, because they have brought much bloodshed and oppression to every Nation it has become the prominent religion.


At 1:30 PM, Blogger Diane said...

I would just like to make a few comments about your take on prayer in schools. First of all, the First Amendment prohibits the establishment of religion by the government. This means that any prayer in school even if voted for by the students would be a violation of the Constitution. Secondly, what you call Atheism in the schools is not. It is simply the absence of religion. Would you be okay with the football coach or graduation speaker of your child's school saying a prayer addressed to Allah, Satan or some pagan god? If not, then why do you feel it is okay for other people's children to be subjected to praying to your god? A public school is not the appropriate place to practice religion of any type.

At 3:13 PM, Blogger FreedomDefender said...

I belive in the Freedom of Religion. It is the First Amendment established in our great nation. Yes I believe everyone is free to practice their Religion. I believe if someone is a faithful follower of Allah, the Government should not prohibit their right to pray... inside or out of a School. That would be a violation of that Muslim's rights. If a Satanist wants Satan to bless him... the First Amendment of our Constitution gives him or her that right. If either person tries to force others to do the same, that is coersive and wrong, but why do you want to stiffle the rights of Satanists and Muslims? Do you hate Satanists Diane?

Supporting this Freedom of Religion is the clause "make no law respecting an establishment of religion". Secular Humanist or Atheist morals are being taught in our Schools (that theism should be excluded). They have given themselves a monopoly in our public Schools. This Secular Humanism/Atheism is an "Establishment of Religion" in our public schools and the Government should stop pushing this religion on our children.

No one should force their faith on anyone. And I think it's shameful how the Secular Humanists (and/or Atheists) force their views of the removal of God on harmless Satanist, Mulsim or Pagan children. What right does the Secular Humanist have to get a government monopoly in schools to force their views on others?

At 3:47 PM, Blogger FreedomDefender said...

Diane, I'd like to add... thanks for reading and posting a comment. I appreciate you expressing your views. Thanks!

At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

freedomdefender, you apparently do not understand what the term "atheism" means. First, let me tell you what it is not: It is not a political system, philosphy or religion. It is merely the lack of belief in a diety. One could therefore be an atheist, and a Democrat, Republican, or Communist. Or one could be an atheist, yet also be a Buddhist. Students have always been free to pray in public schools, and may continue to do so. They may read the Bible, create prayer groups, etc. However, it must be on their own time (lunch times, or breaks), and teachers or principals cannot lead students in prayer. There are many private religious schools where parents may send their children if they wish them to be led in prayer daily, or to study religious dogma as part of the curriculum. It is a parent's right, and responsibilty, to see to their child's religious education at home or in church. It is not a job of the public schools. As both a public school teacher, and an atheist, I doubt you would want me instructing your children in Christianity.

At 10:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schools are for educating people and churches, mosques, temples etc.are for religious worship and prayer.
By all means educate children about different religious practices/beliefs or non beliefs (atheism) in the same manner as educating them about history, geography or science but all religious education should be totally objective and religion should not be practiced as part of the curriculum.
I would remove my child from a school if they were being encouraged to believe in a god as I would consider it to be morally and ethically wrong.


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