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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Proof of Mainstream Media Left-wing Bias

Many people talk about the liberal bias of the mainstream media, but frequently it's mentioned with no proof or subjective evidence on story slants. Just from listening/watching the mainstream media, I think that their left-wing bias is hard to ignore, but many contend that it's not a slant towards Democrats, but a bias for sensationalism. I'm tired of the accusations and I am willing to offer objective proof that the corporations support a more left-wing ideology and it knowingly or unknowingly makes the mainstream media biased. The mainstream media is biased towards the left and the the mainstream media is the liberal media.

This list with links below shows the political bias of most the media organizations:

All of their political donations are split, but the splits show their political Bias

New York Times 94% of their donations are to Democrats

Discovery Communications (Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Travel Channel, BBC America) 90% of their donations are to Democrats

Viacom (CBS, MTV, VH1, BET, CMT, Commedy Central, Nickelodeon, Noggin, Paramount Pictures, Infinity Radio Broadcasting) 81% to Democrats

USA Interactive (Home Shopping Network, Expedia, TicketMaster, CitySearch, Evite) 80% of their donations are to Democrats

NBC (CNBC, MSNBC, USA Network, Telemundo, Bravo, Sci-Fi Channel, Universal Studios) 77% of their political donations are to Democrats

CNN 71% of their donations for more than the last 5 years are to Democrats

Hearst (ESPN, A&E, Lifetime, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Oprah's Magazine, Redbook, Seventeen, Town&Country, SmartMoney, Local Broadcasting) 68% of their donations are to Democrats

Sony (Sony Pictures, Columbia Records, Epic Records, Legacy Records, Playstation, Electronics, Individual TV Shows: Seinfeld, Mad About You, Jepoardy, Wheel-of-Fortune, etc.) 67% of their donations are to Democrats

AOL Time Warner (Warner Brothers, Time Magazine, AOL, New Line Cinema, HBO, Turner Broadcasting) 63% of their donations are to Democrats

Cablevision (Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, NY Knicks, NY Rangers, Local Programming) 59% of all their political donations go to Democrats

Liberty Media (QVC, Starz Encore, Court TV, Game Show Network) 57%of all their political donations go to Democrats (from the top link)

Disney (ABC, Disney Movies) 55% of all their political donations go to Democrats

(Of course Clear Channel is 75% donations to Republicans)

Aside from the liberal mainstream media, there are many other Corporations that are "Blue Corporations". Someone started a myth that Corporations are Republican. It may be based on the fact that out of all Corporations in general, more money from Corporate donors go to Republicans, but many Corporations fund Democrats, the Democratic Party and Liberal Organizations. Corporations fund both Democrats and Republicans, although admittedly Republicans slightly more. Corporations who supported Kerry were Time-Warner, Microsoft, Viacom (CBS/MTV), Boston Capital, International Data Group, Mintz-Levin-Cohn-Ferris-Glovski-and-Popeo (Law Firm), Hale & Dorr and Skadden-Arps-Slate-Meagher&Flom (Law Firm), just to name a few (BBC News - Companies Donate for Access,,

Corporations who funded last years' Democratic National Convention are Microsoft, American International Group, Fidelity Investments, John Hancock Financial Services, New Balance Shoes, Gillette, Liberty Mutual, Raytheon Corp, AT&T (the last 8 at $1million or more each), Nextel, Merck (these between $500,000 and $1Million each), Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Novartis (the previous 4 being all big pharmaceutical companies that Kerry has spoken out against, but Kerry has accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from them), Bristol Meyers Squibb (another Drug Company), the Boston Red Sox, Coca-Cola, Chrysler and others.

Tom Daschle was/is under investigation for being illegally funded by Corporations Microsoft, Qwest, AT&T and others. Daschle himself is a master at collecting corporate cash. His top donor… is Northwest Airlines, where his wife is a top lobbyist. In return, Tom Daschle signed for the Airline Industry bail out (Corporate Welfare) after 9/11.

Terry McAuliffe, the previous head of the DNC, brought much corporate money into the Democrat Party.
“In the early 90s, really big money began to pour into the DNC. McAuliffe recruited robust donations from Arco and Chevron, Entergy and Enron, Phillip Morris and Monsanto, Boeing and Lockheed, Citibank and Weyerhaeuser. Many of these corporations had all but abandoned the Democrats during the Reagan era. McAuliffe lured them back with promises of favorable treatment by a new generation of anti-regulatory Democrats attuned to the special needs of multinational corporations. This was the mulch bed from which the Clinton presidency took root." (from

The companies listed above are liberal corporate donors (as well as a little background info on McAuliffe and Clinton). Most notably, the liberal media stands out as a large block. Law firms also stand out in general as "Blue Corps". I hope that's helpful information. I think it's fascinating!

This corporate sponsorship of Democrats is hidden from us by the Democrats allies and funders in the mainstream media. The mainstream media pretends that corporations only fund Republicans and that Democrats are "for the people". Who perpatrates this propaganda? The mainstream liberal media who give their money to get Democrats elected.

The deception of class warfare is generated by the liberal media, who pretend that Democrats are for the little guy and against corporate interests is a lie. The false impression about who the Democrats really represent is spread by the liberal media.

Next time you think the mainstream news is being objective think about the newsperson, editor and reporter's paycheck and ask yourself... how much of their personal money is going to a Democrat? Then tell me how they can be 100% objective when they spend so much to get one party elected.


At 4:07 PM, Blogger HoopsMalone said...

how does the fact that people donate money to a certain party mean that they cover things in a biased way. The more educated one is, the more likely one is to be a Democrat. You cannot get into the media without being educated, so that is why there are typically more Dems in the media. However, these journalists are so constrained by concerns for their advertisers and making money for shareholders that it is very hard to argue that their work promotes a Democratic agenda. The evidence you offer as proof does not go to the issue.

At 11:53 PM, Blogger FreedomDefender said...

Your premise of more educated Democrats is fallacious. In 2006, High School drops outs voted Democrat 64% to 35% Republican according to CNN exit polls. And those who were categorized as College Graduates actually had an even split of 49% to 49%. Looking at these numbers it shows that High School Drop outs are much more likely to vote Democrat than College Grads.

In your major point, you also did not mention any data support. Tell me, how does the fact that people give their hard earned income to a cause, make them unbiased when discussing that cause?

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