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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Students Free Speech Rights Violated by Pro-Abortion Professor

Last month I wrote how Free Speech was under attack by the Government in Europe. This month the freedom to express dissent is under attack in America. Specifically the freedom to dissent with the US Governments policy of turning a blind eye to the killing of unborn babies.

This month a College Professor was caught in the act of tearing down a display made by the Right to Life of Northern Kentucky Students on their campus. To the right you can see the Professor who led students in her class to violate the freedom of Speech of Pro-Life Students. Professor Sally Jacobsen lead students under her in tearing apart the Right to Life group's approved display and throwing it in the garbage. According to a Northern Kentucky University student on the Laura Ingraham Show, Professor Sally Jacobsen coerced some of her students to tear apart the School approved display, which robbed Pro-Life students of their freedom to express themselves.

The Northern Kentucky Right to Life Students made a solemn cemetery for those lives who have not had the respect of getting a cemetery plot. Aborted babies are simply discarded and treated as less than human. When you look at their dead bodies you can see that they are more than just a ball of unwanted flesh. They are human and the Right to Life students at Northern Kentucky University gave these lost lives the human dignity they deserve by providing a memorial. The Right to Life students created a display, which created plots for those unborn who were killed.

How did Dr. Sally Jacobsen respond to this solemn respect of life? She tore apart their sign (upper right) and threw out their plots, desecrating the graves (left and below). I am sad that our country is in a condition that College Professors coerce young students to tear apart the hard work, art and free speech of other students.

It also saddens me that the tone of those on the pro-abortion side feel like their side is so indefensible (and it is) that they can not respond by expressing their views through art or speech, but instead attack the right to free speech of law biding Pro-Life student activists. You can see more of how those, who hate free speech, have destroyed the artistic expression of creative students, who care about life in the womb (see here). And to the right is a picture of the Professor Sally Jacobsen trashing the grave markers of the unborn babies, whose lives were lost.

Don't let freedom and liberty be silenced. Speak out and don't let lady liberty be shut up by Professors who hate free speech.


At 5:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 6:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 4:31 PM, Blogger Dan said...

Your 'reporting' of the incident is full of bias and omission of facts. That goes against the basic rules of mature journalism.

You portray innocents as being cruel types when in fact they were cleaning up a mess left by others.

The time allotted for the sad sick 'protest' to limit the freedom of born people, was well over.

If the Anti-freedom anti-abortionists were people of true conscience, they would have cleaned up after themselves, but no, they want to trash the area with their mind poisons and leave it that way. Very sad. Very freedom-hating. Very inconsiderate of others. Not 'Christian' at all.

Life, without the basic most freedom of self-determination is effectively an abortion of the human spirit. I certainly wouldn't have wanted to be born, if it meant my basic most freedoms were denied.

I see it as the height of arrogance for any of us to even be considering limiting the basic most rights of others. By 'others' I mean born people. Nobody else counts.

I list myself as neo-Christian. I don't go in for all the crap that's been piled on the bible, the players therein, etc. Most people cling to the bible because they have a hunger to understand how it all works; the Cause and effect. The bible is hardly the book for such answers.

Ever wonder WHY Jesus didn't write a 'Book of Jesus'? Many believe it was because he was wise and knew what sad sick things might come from the various interpretations of his statements…much like what happens everyday today.
With enough self-deception one can justify almost anything, using the bible.

You are one wanting us to go back to the 'good old days'. You are a backward looking person. I and mine are forward lookers. The 'good old days' weren't as good as you think they were.

Many a born life has been destroyed with prejudice based on some twisted interpretation of the so-called 'good book'. You are only following in mindless step.
I agree with the late great Alan Watts, that the 'good book' should be collected up and put in a large mine somewhere away from humans for 200 years.
If there's a god, he/she/it wouldn't be pleased with people limiting other people's basic freedoms. Feti are 'organ systems in training' until well and fully born. THEN they've got rights, but only limited rights 'til official adulthood.

What good is it to be born without your basic most rights of self determination?
The answer: No Good. Period.

At 6:20 PM, Blogger FreedomDefender said...


You mention things here that seem to be based on your personal value system as opposed to what I wrote. You mention things like... "Life, without the basic most freedom of self-determination is effectively an abortion of the human spirit". Why do you find this to be a relevant statement?

I do not advocate fatalism, that is a trait from Hellenistic religions. I advocate freedom. I advocate for the freedom of speech of students, not for College professors who wield their influence to coarse young students to desecrate art and infringe the right to free speech of others.

You said "I see it as the height of arrogance for any of us to even be considering limiting the basic most rights of others. By 'others' I mean born people. Nobody else counts". I see that you have chosen to decide who's life counts and who's life doesn't. By what authority do you make yourself the judge of who lives and who dies?

Over 100 years ago there were people who thought that 'others' who don't count were 'others' of African-American decent. Slave owners of the last century said that African Americans didn't count as you now say the unborn don't count. Slave owners said that they had the right to kill their slaves if they wanted to, as today some advocate that they have the right to kill the baby in their womb. Some say the Baby in their womb is their property and not a life, just like slave owners said that the slaves were their property. I am glad we put the days behind us, where some said that 'human life doesn't count' based upon the color of someone's skin. Now I pray that we can put behind us the days where people have the idea that human life doesn't only counts the way they want to define it.

For a perspective of an African American on this see:

You assume I am a backwards looking person. I'm not sure what your assumption is based upon. You say that the 'good old days' were not as good as some think. I completely agree. There was a dark past in history. There was a time when Americans devalued human life because they didn't want to think of African Americans as human. Now some don't want to think of Babies in the womb as human.

Let us not go into the dark past where we discount human life, because it makes us feel better to dehumanize some. Let us look forward to the future, where every human life is valued, not just life that is convenient.


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