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Thursday, March 02, 2006

EU Bans Art Display Defending the Innocent

Freedom of expression is prohibited in the EU if you care for the unborn. Europe is supposed to be a place where freedom of expression is permitted. Of course with the controversy of Danish Cartoonists, one may have reservations about cartoons which have potential to cause violent reactions to embassies or violence in the streets.

In this post, I am not addressing the issue of offending Muslims. I am concerned that Art challenging EU political policies is being censored and banned. Freedom of expression through art, which illustrates opposition to EU policies, is being suppressed.

Many Central and Eastern Europeans are unhappy with some of the EU's policies which fail to protect the lives of the most vulnerable of their citizens... the unborn. Instead of rioting in the streets or torching cars, artwork was made visually showing the horror of abortion and juxtaposing it with the horrors which occurred to children under German occupation in the 30's and 40's. This art censorship (removing the artwork) is reported in the article "Culture War puts crack in EU".

Although the article spins the story into a "progressive" propaganda piece, it obscures the fact that artwork is being removed because it is simply opposed to EU policy, which fails to protect it's unborn citizens. I suppose art in the EU can be profane and dirty, but if you dare try to have your art protect innocent unborn babies, they will remove your work and silence it.

If the EU continues this policy of silencing political decent through censorship and revoking rights of freedom of expression, than they are no different than Banana Republic dictators that they pretend they to be better than.


At 11:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree! Thanks for defending the rights of artists and babies.


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